Unifyed Named a Leader in Campus Consortium 2020 Higher ED Artificial Intelligence & Chatbot Magic Box


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AI helps colleges and universities offload time-intensive administrative and academic tasks, make IT processes more efficient, boost enrollment in a climate of decline and deliver a better learning experience for students. Daily work in many institutions is routine and repetitive. Chatbots excel at repetitive tasks and often complete them faster and often more efficiently than humans. Assigning high demand work to a bot can free up time for faculty and staff to complete higher value work where human knowledge and interaction is necessary.

Unifyed Student – Yoda Provides:

  • Extensive Omni-Channel Support – Unifyed supports web, SMS, telephone, Facebook®, Alexa®, Twitter®, Slack®, Google® Assistant. Skype® and a number of other touchpoints.
  • Extensive Language Support – Unifyed Yoda’s language translation is powered by Google Translate and currently supports over 109 languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Chinse and Hindi.
  • Self-Service & Zero-Code Management – Unifyed Yoda allow the college or university to have a simple GUI that their admissions, student services and or IT teams can use to update Yoda’s knowledge with no technical skills required.
  • Extensive Partnerships – Unifyed has formal partnerships with many third party applications vendors ranging from Canvas®, Blackboard®, Brightspace®, Moodle® to College Board®, Microsoft®, Adirondack®, and StarRez®.
  • Analytics – Unifyed Yoda leverages DialogFlow to enable college and university staff to understand how to effective Yoda is at answering questions from their prospects/applicants and students and where they may need to make improvements in Yoda’s knowledge. In addition, Unifyed uses BigQuery for raw data.
  • Affordable – Unifyed’s pricing model is the most affordable as compared with other vendors in this space.

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