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Higher Education Campus Mobile Apps

The dependence on mobile apps among college-going millennials is ever-increasing and every study has backed up this assertion. From delivering personalized messaging to students on their smart devices to delivering e-learning initiatives, mobile is at the center of the overall engagement strategy. Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus is made by and for Higher-Ed campuses to help them achieve better student retention and success rates


What is Unifyed Campus Mobile App?

Unifyed Campus Mobile App equips institutions with a customizable, simple to-execute mobile solution designed only for higher education.

Unifyed Mobile App for higher education empowers institutions to deliver personalized experiences to its users which can be managed using a codeless backend interface. It seamlessly synchronizes with your student web portal and also helps achieve both broad and targeted messaging. You can have your own custom-branded mobile app that is functional, powerful and most importantly, the key driver of your analytics that helps you understand student behavior based on app usage.
To its end users, Unifyed’s mobile solution makes their life easy by letting them access multiple apps through single sign-on. You can deliver targeted messaging to your users, seamless integration with popular SIS, LMS systems, email and more

Unifyed Campus Mobile App helps institutions with:

Integrated Mobile and Web Strategy

Unifyed’s Mobile applications for higher education helps you achieve an integrated mobile and web strategy. Announcements made on the website get automatically pushed to the mobile as well. This saves time and effort for IT teams and paves way for meaningful and contextual engagement.

Customization & Branding

Get your own custom-branded mobile app for your campus. Incorporate design elements that are unique to your brand and deliver a superior and personalized user experience to your users.

Push Notifications

Leverage Unifyed’s push notification capabilities to broadcast a broad range of announcements and communication such as campus events, alerts, and other highly time-sensitive information. It enables your users to get critical information and alerts anytime, anywhere.


Unifyed Mobile App can integrate leading ERP/SIS, LMS and Email platforms to provide access to student timetable, schedule planner, to-dos, assignments, exams, course schedules, student digital wallets and much more within the app.