Unifyed Retain

Unifyed Retain helps institutions automate and optimize efforts in helping students with different student lifecycle challenges. It is built to engage, encourage, and graduate students by outlining adaptive academic plans, providing correct resources, and assistance by higher ed community.

Higher Ed institutions can leverage predictive analytics to get reliable data for identifying students at risk and present opportunities with the courses available. Unifyed retain can help students connect to student advisors, faculty, and support staff by scheduling one-on-one sessions for planning academic as well as career strategies.

Unifyed Retain

Features of Unifyed Retain

Assistance by Higher Ed Community/Student retain Network

Help students get assistance by higher ed professionals, including advisors, faculty, and staff through one-on-one sessions. Students can share their experiences and problems to collaborate with the professionals to strategize the best academic practices.

Predictive Analytics

Institutions can identify students at risk by leveraging predictive analytics. Unifyed retain enables institutions utilize the available student data and records to come up with the best-suited academic plans.

Academic Planning

Academic planning helps students to explore different career options by referring to individual interests and academic history. It helps in selecting suitable courses and building a degree plan accordingly.

Strategic Planning

We understand you! Unifyed consultants help institutions to identify their current student engagement scenario, strengths, and weaknesses to collaborate on adopting feasible as well as effective future student retainment plans.

Identifying Student Patterns

Referring to historic student cases can help the professionals to do the smart work and reach to the conclusions faster. Unifyed retain helps stakeholders identify the problem patterns and student needs to provide speedy resolutions.