Unifyed Student – Engage 8.5.1 Release Notes

Mar 30, 2019

Unifyed is excited to announce the release of Unifyed Engage (v.8.5.1). This version provides exciting new features along with updates, enhancements and bug fixes to deliver the best-in-class product experience. At Unifyed, our teams are committed to continually enhancing and evolving our products to anticipate and meet the constantly changing needs of institutions.

Explore the latest developments in Unifyed Engage – new features and enhancements to help ensure you’re never left behind on the path to success.

New Features

RBAC (Role Based Access Control)

With this new feature, admins do not have to rely completely on AD roles. Admins can create ad-hoc groups i.e.. a group with multiple individuals or a group with multiple AD roles and some individuals. By creating these custom roles, admins can assign permissions to each module including create, read, update, delete and other granular permissions applicable to a module. Also, admins can define view permissions for Menu items using custom and/or AD groups

Messaging Admin

With RBAC it is lot easier to manage and/or create Messaging Admins. Now, admins can create messaging admins and define which all channels can be used by an admin and on top of that admins can restrict a messaging admin to have access to certain groups as target audiences to send messages to.

Places App

With this app, users can view nearby places including Restaurants, Cafes, Libraries, Entertainment, ATMs, Hospitals & Gas Stations.


Push Notifications with Photos

This enhancement allows photos/images to be shared as a part of notifications.

Push Notifications’ Re-direction

This enhancement makes the notifications clickable. While configuring the notification, a re-direction link can now be specified.

Top 10 Notifications

This enhancement allows top 10 notifications to be displayed, along with a ‘load more’ button to load the next 10 notifications.

Today’s App

This enhancement allows Today’s app to be handled through the RBAC mechanism, i.e. various elements could now be made accessible for a particular set of users.

Sub-link Search

This enhancement allows the mobile app users to search sub-links within a group.

Bluelight – Km to Miles

The term has been changed from ‘Km’ to ‘Miles’

Bluelight – Alcoholic to Alcohol

The term has been changed from ‘Alcoholic’ to ‘Alcohol’.

WCAG Compliant

Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG conformance levels A & AA. The following new apps were tested for both conformance levels:

  • Assignments app for canvas
  • Files app for canvas
  • Syllabus app for canvas
  • Any XML app
  • Credential Replay SSO app
  • Places app
  • Class Search App for Banner
For more detailed information about supported browsers and mobile devices, click here.