Unifyed Integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

Unifyed provides a multi-tenant cloud integration platform to help institutions connect system, data, applications, and processes. It eliminates traditional forms of middleware and help integrate cloud-based software solutions with each other as well as with other on-premises applications.

Unifyed offers an advanced iPaaS platform, which includes pre-built connectors along with end-to-end integration to common enterprise applications such as LMS, CRM, Identity, and Email.

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

Features of iPaaS

Process Integration

Automate workflow by connecting any sort of combination of cloud and on-premise app such as LMS, CRM, HR, and Identity.

Easy to Use

An intuitive interface to design, create, and manage all the integrations and to provide a centralized view to the users.

Secure Access

Offers secure data transfer without any requirement of custom coding and behind-the-firewall data access without exposing on-site infrastructure to risks.

A True Platform

A true cloud-based platform that requires no maintenance unlike other hosted integration tools which are unable to offer the flexibility of a platform-based iPaaS.

Smooth Run Time & Operations

A true multi-tenant cloud platform where users do not have to think about fault-tolerance, uptime, or latency.