Unifyed Announces True SMS Validation

Jun 1, 2018

Chicago, IL – Jun 1, 2018: Unifyed, the premier student engagement and digital transformation provider for higher ed, today announced the launch of True SMS validation for Authentication and Account recovery. This is in addition to existing modes such as Security Questions, Email, SMS as Email.

Campuses have always needed to reinforce IT security without hampering the user experience to its users. IT applications are at the nerve center of day-to-day operations and providing users uninterrupted access is critical to ensure student success. Account Recovery and Authentication through SMS verification is a simple and secure way to minimize helpdesk dependency, cut costs and establish a secure gateway for users to gain access to locked accounts. It offers the following benefits:

  • Secured Account Recovery: Campuses can deliver a secure account recovery option to users through SMS verification. Users (staff, students, and faculty) typically have access to their phones and they can now gain access to their accounts through a code that is sent to their phones via SMS
  • Faster Access to Locked Accounts: True SMS validation allows users a much faster way to recover locked accounts. This cuts major dependency on the IT help desk and helps campuses cut costs.
  • Improved Security: While SMS vis Email is one of the ways to achieve SMS validation, true SMS is a much more secure way of achieving multi-factor authentication mitigating the security risks associated with SMS via Email.

“We are glad to announce that Unifyed can now help campuses deliver a much simpler and secure option to users to recover their accounts through true SMS validation. This not only eliminates dependency on the IT help desk but also helps users to secure access to their accounts with supreme ease.”, said Dennis Thibeault, Chief Product Officer, Unifyed.

Existing clients can contact their customer success manager for further information.