Integration to HR & Payroll

Unifyed supports single sign-on and/or data integration with the following HR & Payroll apps via RESTful Web Services(JSON)

  • Paylocity®
  • Ellucian® Banner®
  • Elluican® Colleague®
  • Ellucian® PowerCampus®
  • Oracle® PeopleSoft®
  • Jenzabar® CX
  • Jenzabar® EX
  • Campus Management® CampusNexus
  • Workday®
  • PayChex®
  • ADP®

Unifyed integrates with Paylocity®, Ellucian® Banner®,Elluican® Colleague®, Ellucian® PowerCampus®, Oracle® PeopleSoft®, Jenzabar® CX, Jenzabar® EX, Campus Management® CampusNexus, Workday®, PayChex® and ADP®.