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Columbia University’s current mainframe student system was developed in the 1980s and no longer meets the university’s needs. To achieve modern efficiencies, streamline reporting needs and meet regulatory requirements, Columbia University will be replacing the current Student Information System. The new student system will provide a comprehensive, modern solution for the university’s business needs, freeing up employees to focus their time and effort on advancing the education, research and public service mission of Columbia University. More specifically, the updated system will ensure Columbia University’s culture of innovation, ambition and data-driven decisions continue as the university experiences unprecedented growth.

Columbia University entered into a long term technology transfer agreement through Columbia Technology Ventures (CTV) to license and make its SIS available to other colleges and universities through Unifyed. For more information on the Unifyed & Columbia University venture, read Campus Technology’s article on Columbia SIS Replacement Project Gains Pickup.

Product Governance

Columbia University has dedicated about 90 technical people to the project and is leading the product management, engineering and quality assurance of the new modules. Unifyed has added an additional 28 full-timers to accelerate product development.

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