Unifyed Student – Verify | Release 7.8

Feb 28 2020

Unifyed Student – Verify 7.8 introduces ability for an institute to use userPrincipleName as username for end-user login, enhancements to Forgot password flow for admin and several bug-fixes towards stability and robustness.

What’s new

  • [DEV-1699] – Unifyed Push API | Phase 1
  • [DEV-1937] – userPrincipleName (UPN) should be allowed as username for end-user login
  • [DEV-1745] – Forgot password for admin flow enhancement
  • [DEV-1906] – Chrome 80 SameSite settings compatibility
  • [DEV-1680] – VAPT Readiness | Phase 2
  • [DEV-1786] – End-user VPAT Readiness | Phase 2
  • [DEV-1975] – Ability to configure custom host name for end-user login

Bug fixes

  • [DEV-1961] – Admin – Branding: Advanced CSS is not working on Password Manager
  • [DEV-1947] – SAML metadata needs rectification
  • [DEV-1957] – Admin: \ is not saved in IDP Userstore from Password Manager Directory configuration
  • [DEV-1914] – End User – Password manager: Logo URL in Branding to be applied on all pages
  • [DEV-1851] – End User – Google Authenticator: Hitting backspace should lead to previous box

About Unifyed

Unifyed™ is the only AI-first, microservices-based, cloud-native student information system provider and serves over 750 colleges and universities in seven countries. Unifyed is a beautiful and easy-to-use solution designed with an AI-first approach to increasing student engagement and international enrollment. Developed by Columbia University in partnership with the higher education community, our solution is both affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional institutions alike.