Unifyed Student – Engage -Release Notes 9.5

Mar 28 2020

Unifyed Release Notes for Unifyed Student – Engage, a Campus Portal & Campus Mobile solution for Higher Education. This release provides information on the new features, enhancements and bug fixes in each release.

New Features

Profanity Filter on Connect

Profanity filter refrains people from posting any profane word, content or sentence and notify users if a prohibited word/sentence has been tried to be posted. The system also creates logs if somebody tries to post such content for the Administrator to review. Tenant admins can configure their profanity dictionary.

  • Tenant admin can access Profanity Filter from Settings > Content.
  • All the profane words/phrases are listed/added under Profanity Dictionary.
  • Three different types of profanity filters – Profanity, Sexual Harassment & Bullying can be used to add/remove content.
  • All the profanity attempts made by any person are listed under Logs.
  • Search for incidences of profanity attempts is also available for tenant admins.
  • Occurrences of profanity attempts can be searched for a specific date range using calendar icons.
  • button gives tenant admins the ability to export information based on the filter selected and date range.
  • All the incidences of profanity attempt with name, timestamp, attempted content, content type along with filters get listed.

Deployment Channels has a list of all the channels to which profanity filter can be applied. Select the checkbox corresponding to the channel/app where the Profanity Filter to be applied.

NOTE: Currently, Profanity Filter is available only for ‘Connect’.


My Drive Copy URL Permissions

With this release, Copy URL feature of ‘Files’ in My Drive app has been upgraded to work on a permissions basis. When coping a URL of a file, a user can define the permission to be given to the URL. Copy URL behaves differently with different types of groups:

All Users Group – If the permissions have been given to ‘All Users’ (all the logged in Users) group and the URL link has been shared with member(s) of this group all the members of the group should be able to access the file using the URL upon login to the system. However, if the link is shared with people outside of this group, then the system would display an error message “You do not have permissions to access this file”.

Public Group – If the permissions have been given to the ‘Public’ group. All the members of the group and external users shall be able to access the file through the URL link that has been shared with them without logging into the system.

Specific Groups – If the permissions have been given to ‘XYZ’ group and the URL link has been shared with member(s) of this group then all the members of the group should be able to access the file using the URL upon login to the system. However, if the link is shared with people outside of this group, then the system should display an error message “You do not have permissions to access this file”.

Note: You are required to get the updates for My Drive & RBACSettings  from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Hide or Unhide Unifyed Groups

Tenant admins can now control the visibility of the groups on Profile screen and can hide/unhide the groups from both Mobile and Portal separately.

Two toggle switches have been added to configuration screen of Profile app:

  • Hide Group Info on Mobile – When this is ON, the Groups info would hide/disappear from ‘Profile’ screen in Mobile.
  • Hide Group Info on Portal – When this is ON, the Groups info would hide/disappear from ‘Profile’ screen in Portal.

Note: By Default, both toggle switches should be OFF which means the Groups info should be visible on ‘Profile’ screen in both Portal and Mobile.

Single Image Widget Upgrade

Single Image Widget has been upgraded with some very exciting features in this release. Admin can now upload & use .gif images, set animation and add a hyperlink to an image selected by the Single Image Widget applet.

  • Upon dropping the Single Image Widget, a default image ‘No Image Available’ would appear. If the user does not select any image and close the widget the ‘No Image Available’ image would be displayed on the page. Image dimensions can be changed by expanding or collapsing the image using the dots given on the sides of the image.
  • Users can change or delete the image at any time. Clicking pencil icon would open the image gallery to select an image from uploaded images. Or, user can choose to delete an image by clicking delete icon .
  • Users can define Tags & Category for an image selected.
  • Under Image Setting tab, users can define the alt text for the selected image. The character limit on alt text is 150 characters.
  • User can enter the dimensions of the image in Image Dimensions textbox. Selected image’s width and height would be adjusted & previewed on the image as soon as the dimensions are entered in the textbox.
  • A hyperlink URL can be entered in the Link Setting textbox for the image. Clicking the image would take the user to the provided hyperlink.
  • Also, users can define a target area for opening hyperlink upon clicking the image:
    • Blank – Load in a new window
    • Self – Load in the same frame as it was clicked
    • Parent – Load in the parent frameset
    • Top – Load in the full body of the window

Also, users also can put animation styling to the images from the Image Animation section of the Single Image Widget.

  • Select a style of animation (Bounce, Flash, Pulse, Shake etc.) from the dropdown. Upon pressing the Animate button, a preview of the animation would be presented in the space right above Style dropdown.
  • Set time of delay between multiple image animations. Also, users can decide for how long the animation would run from Duration dropdown.
  • Users can select if the animation to work on page scrolling, on image click or on hovering the over image.

Messaging – Including Sender’s Information

Messaging applet has been enhanced to include the sender’s information when sending emails. This would send the details of the sender (in the email template) to the receiver. The details that are stored at Unifyed’s side such as Name, Email Address, ID & Phone Number would be included in the email template.
A tenant admin can turn off/on the Display Sender’s Info toggle switch from Message Administration section of Studio > Preferences.

By default, it is set to stay off which means that email sender’s information would not be included in the email. However, when the toggle switch is turned on, the email sender’s information would be included in the email for the recipient.

NOTE: You are required to get the updates for Messaging & RBACSettings from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Viewing Members of AD/Portal Group

This enhancement gives tenant admins the ability to view members of an AD/Portal group.
A new option View Members has been added under settings icon for viewing the list of all the members of a group.

Note: The users who have logged into Unifyed domain would appear in the ‘View Members’ list.

Duplicate Category Creation

Earlier, there was no informative pop-up message when creating a Connect category in Studio > Preferences > Manage Categories with a name that has already been taken up by a different category that is existing in the system. This enhancement adds a warning message which pops-up when an admin attempts to create a duplicate Connect category.

Renaming ‘Your Profile’ under Studio

Your Profile which is placed under Studio has been renamed to Profile.

NOTE: You are required to get the update for Profile from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Chat Icon Upgrade

With this enhancement the Chat icon has been changed that appears on the left navigation when users select Studio mode. The new Chat icon is more appropriate than the previous one.

Special Character in Unifyed Groups

With this release, Unifyed Group applet has been enhanced to accept apostrophe and other special characters in a group’s name. Previously, it used to only accept letters, numbers, space and hyphen.

Note: A group name MUST start with an alphabet and CANNOT start with special characters.

Content Sorting via Widget and Content Management

From this release, users can now sort content based on Type, Name, Created By, Used, Last Updated & Assigned To that is present on Studio > Widget > Site Content screen and Studio > Content > Manage Content screen.
‘Name’, ‘Type’ and ‘Created By’ are sorted in Alphabetical order.
‘Used’ field is sorted in numeric order.
‘Last Update’ is sorted in ascending/descending order.

Background URL in Connect

From this release, when a User creates a post in Connect including an image, the users can assign a URL to the image and add alt text to it.
The URL would create a hyperlink for the image; upon clicking the image, it directs the user to that URL page in a new tab. The Alt text has a limit of 150 characters.

Note: You are required to get the updates for Connect from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Field Name Update in Google Analyics App

With this release, the text ‘Sessions by device’ on the Google Analytics app has been renamed to ‘Sessions by Pages’.

Multi-URL Calender Applet Upgrade

Previously, in the Multi URL Calendar applet, if a user selects a value from the dropdown, the selections did not retain when the user browses back from viewing events for a day. This is no longer the case and a user’s selection retains once he comes back from viewing events. Moreover, the “Previous/Next” buttons do not appear if there is not more than 1 event for a single day.

Connect Post Enhancements

Connect post has been enhanced with 5000 characters limit on comment textbox. The size of the text area (comments box) dynamically increases with the entry of the content. While typing a comment, if the users crosses 5000 characters limit, he gets below warning pop-up:

Also, after 250 characters, the system truncates the comments once posted and then, the user can click ‘View More’ to view the full comments.

NOTE: You are required to get the update for Connect app from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Category Listing under “view post by” dropdown of Connect

An issue wherein all the categories including the disabled ones were appearing in ‘View posts by’ dropdown in the Connect has been fixed. Now, the disabled categories will no longer appear in ‘View posts by’ dropdown.

Pemissions to View ‘Create New Group’ Option

Prior to this release, by default, a Unifyed Group admin was able to see Create New Group option. This release restricts the permission of a group admin to create more group by hiding Create New Group for them. To be able to view Create New Group they MUST have the permission (create permission) from RBAC. So, only Tenant Admins and those with “Create” access defined in RBAC should be able to see Create Groups.

When Group admins have the Create permission from RBAC. They can see the Create New Group option under Groups You Manage:

When Group admins DONOT have the Create permission from RBAC, the Create New Group option under Groups You Manage does not appear for them.

Note: Tenant admins will always be able to create new groups. You are required to get the updates for Unifyed Groups & RBACSettings from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Permissions to Delete/Edit Connect Posts & Comments

With this enhancement, a tenant admin has more control over permissions for ‘Connect’. By default, a Connect admin now gets permissions to only create posts in ‘Connect’. ‘Edit’ & ‘Delete’ permissions are handled separately from Studio > Preferences > Manage Category.

Prior to this release, a category admin could only delete his own posts and comments of other category admins too. This release modifies this behavior by allowing category admins to delete/edit each other’s post for the category they manage, but restricts an admin from deleting comment of other users/admins.

When Group admins DONOT have the Create permission from RBAC, the Create New Group option under Groups You Manage does not appear for them.

To facilitate this, two toggle switches have been placed across each user/group being assigned as the category admin.

  • When the toggle switches are off, the category admin (user/group) should only be able to create a post, add a comment, edit/delete his own post and edit/delete his own comment.
  • When the toggle switches are on, the category admin (user/group) should also be able to edit and/or delete (depending on the 2 switches) the posts (posted by other admins) of his category, apart from being able to create a post, add a comment, delete his own post and delete his own comment.

Note: If a user is present in 2 groups and for one group the toggle switches are off, while for the other they are on, he would have the right to edit and/or delete the posts (posted by other admins) of his category. The toggle switches could be handled individually, i.e. at any given time Edit toggle could be on for an admin, while Delete toggle could be off.

A group admin can edit a post by clicking on Edit button. This action should edit the message for other categories too that were selected while posting. All Edited posts will have the ‘Edited’ text on them, along with the timestamp regarding the update.

A tenant admin can edit and/or delete the posts (posted by other admins) of all categories. A category admin cannot delete/edit the comment of other admins/users under any circumstance. However, a tenant admin can delete the comment of other admins/users.

NOTE: You are required to get the updates for RBACsettings & Connect from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Posting in Unifyed Groups by Members of the Group

Prior to this release, only Unifyed Group Admin or Tenant admins were able to post in Connect applet that is dropped in a Unifyed Group. From this release, Unifyed Group has been enhanced to allow a member of the group to post messages in the Group’s Connect applet.

Group admins and tenant admins can now give access to the members of the group to post in the Connect of the Group by selecting the checkbox “Allow Group Member to Post on Connect”.

The check box “Allow group members to post on Connect” appears for Group Admins (given if they have permissions to create a group) and Tenant admins when creating a group.  Once this option is checked, members of the Groups can post in Connect on the portal and mobile both. Group members will be able to only create posts and edit/delete their own posts.

Note: This option also appears for an existing Unifyed Groups when editing the group. It will only be available for a new group created going forward. Also, you are required to get the updates for Unifyed Groups & RBACSettings from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Accessibility Compliance
Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG conformance levels A & AA.

Supported Browser & Devices
This release is supported on the following browsers and devices:

Supported Devices
DeviceOperating System
iPad RetinaiOS 10.3.3
iPhone 6iOS 12.1.2
Nexus 5xAndroid 8.1.0
iPhone XiOS 12.1.2
One Plus 6Android 9
Samsung GalaxyAndroid 9
iPhone Xs MaxiOS 12.1.2
iPhone 11 ProiOS 13.1.1
Supported Browsers
DeviceOperating System
Chromeversion 68-71
Safariversion 12
Firefoxversion 55-64
Internet Explorer (Edge)latest version

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