Unifyed Student – Engage 9.3

Jan 16 2020

New Features

Page Template

Page Template feature gives tenant admins the ability to create a sample page that they can re-use later when creating a new page. Page Templates can ONLY be created by saving an existing page as a template. Studio Admins with the rights to create pages can also create page templates and give permission related to that template to other studio admins.

A Page Template inherits the structure, design, formatting and content from the existing page.

Note: A studio admin cannot manage templates by default, the Creator of the template MUST first delegate template management right to other tenant admins.

  1. Save as Template exists under icon next to the page that needs to be converted into a page template.
  2. You can either give your template a different name or just press the Save As Template button to use the name of the page itself.
  3. All saved templates appear under the newly created Saved Template section of in the Add Page panel.
  4. Depending upon a tenant admin’s access rights, they can delete or manage a specific template.
  5. Auto-populate search functionality is available to search admins.
  6. Page Permission page list ONLY studio admins.
  7. Template creator can grant permission specific to the template to other admins:
    1. Template Permission – Gives admin rights to manage, delete and view a template and further assign template management rights to other studio admins.
    2. View – Gives permission to view and use templates.
    3. Delete – Gives only template deletion rights.

A studio admin (with permission to create page) can use the saved templates when creating new pages.


Auditing Content

This enhancement gives studio admins the ability to filter records by ‘used’, ‘created by’ & ‘last updated’. Also, the numbering of the items has been replaced with checkboxes allowing studio admins to assign (transfer the same set of permissions) or delete multiple content items to another individual.

  1. The numbering for Articles/Smart Articles listed under Site Content of the Add Widget page has been replaced with checkboxes. You can tick one or more checkboxes (or ‘select all’ by ticking the checkbox at the top) to perform actions to the record.
  2. Sort records by clicking icon against ‘used’, ‘created by’ & ‘last updated’.
  3. The ‘Assigned To’ colum tells you the numbebr of admins that can manage each record. You can click the number to know to who is/are assigned to a record.
  4. You can perform the follwoing actions to the selected record:
    1. Deletes the selected record(s). Deleting an article will delete it from all the pages where it has been used.
    2. Assign users to the selected records.
    3. Edit a selected record. You can only edit one record at a time.

Distributed Authorship of Pages

This enhancement increases security by limiting access to a page. Previously, regardless of who created a page, any user can view the page and any admin with studio access can manage it. Now, ONLY the page owner can give page-related permissions to other users including studio/tenant admins. By default, a tenant admin cannot manage pages.

  1. The Page Permission option appears at the bottom of the Manage Page.
  2. Clicking Page Permission button opens page-specific RBAC settings.
  3. Auto-populate search functionality is available to search admins.
  4. Page Permission page brings the list of studio admins ONLY.
  5. The Template creator can grant permission specific to the template to other admins:
    • Manage – Gives permission to the Manage Pages link for a specific page and make changes to basic details. (Note: Manage alone would not give you access to Page Permissions. If you want access to Manage Page and Page Permission, you have to give permissions to both.)
    • Permissions – Allows users to get to the Page Permissions page from Manage Pages and make changes to page permissions.
    • View – Allows the user to view and re-use templates.
    • Delete – Gives only template deletion rights.

Note: The RBAC that controls page-specific permissions overrides any existing permission set by RBAC.

Withdrawing from an Event

Events app has been enhanced to allow you to withdraw from registered events. A user is now able to withdraw from an entire event as well as from individual event sessions. Withdrawing from an events moves the event to the Explore section to allow re-registration.

Choosing the main category of the group gives you the subcategories belonging to that group.

  1. Event withdrawal option is placed under icon next to the event.
  2. Withdrawing an entire event is controlled by a toggle. If on, you do not need to withdraw from individual sessions.
  3. Select the checkbox to withdraw from all the sessions of an event for a single day. Similarly, you could withdraw from sessions for multiple days.
  4. If there are multiple sessions in a day event, then you can select individual sessions that you want to withdraw from.

NOTE: You are required to get the updates from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Google Maps Integration with Events Applet

NOTE: You are required to get the updates from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Event UI Enhancements

This enhancement freezes the header of the Events app giving its users a better experience. Events admins can now get information regarding the total number of registrations done for an event and the remaining number of seats for the same event

  1. Fixed events applet header gives better user experience. A user can now switch among Explore, My Events & Saved tabs and search for events anytime without scrolling up when there are large numbers of events listed on a page.
  2. You can find out the information regarding the total number of available seats for an event.
  3. Displays who and how many users have already registered for the event. A search bar is also available for you to find any specific registered user.

NOTE: You are required to get the updates from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Connect Cataegories Enhancements

The creation of Connect categories that used to occur “behind the scenes” has been surfaced on the UI and made configurable within Studio > Preference > Manage Categories. Along with this, Studio Admins can also now assign specific Connect categories to a group of users.
When logging in for the first time, a Connect user can pick from the categories that have been assigned to them.

  1. Now, studio admins can create Connect categories from the   button.
  2. Newly created categories would be available along with other categories on the manage categories page.
  3. You can click  for a category to allocate it to a group of users under Connect Audiences section. (Note: Assigning connect categories to specific users is not available yet).
  4. If the Opt toggle   is on for a group of users in a category, the category would automatically appear in the user’s profile section and while selecting categories for a Connect message. A user from that group does not have to manually select the category.
  5. An admin can also lock/unlock a category for a group of users. A grey lcok icon  means the category is not locked, and users can remove the category from their profile section. A black lock icon  means the category is locked, preventing users of the group to remove it from their profile section.

NOTE: You are required to get the updates for Connect, Settings and Profile from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Accessibility Compliance
Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG conformance levels A & AA.

Supported Browser & Devices
This release is supported on the following browsers and devices:

Supported Devices
DeviceOperating System
iPad RetinaiOS 10.3.3
iPhone 6iOS 12.1.2
Nexus 5xAndroid 8.1.0
iPhone XiOS 12.1.2
One Plus 6Android 9
Samsung GalaxyAndroid 9
iPhone Xs MaxiOS 12.1.2
iPhone 11 ProiOS 13.1.1
Supported Browsers
DeviceOperating System
Chromeversion 68-71
Safariversion 12
Firefoxversion 55-64
Internet Explorer (Edge)latest version

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