Unifyed Student – Engage | Release 9.2

Dec 7 2019

New Features

Integration to New Apps

With this release, Unifyed has integrated to following Moodle apps:

  • Participants
  • Assignments/Grades
  • Forums
  • Messages
  • Resources

Events App

With this release, Engage is giving its users a new applet – Events. Events applet helps the users to manage/organize events from start to finish. Events applet gives you the ability to Create Events, Edit Events, Explore Events, Register Events, Save Events as Draft, Bookmark Events, Remove Bookmarked Events, Withdraw Events, Send Invites.

Events Applet is divided mainly into 3 sections:

A. Explore – All the open events that have been created so far appear under Explore section. Events coming sooner appear at the top, with events scheduled for later following them.

  1. Clicking   gives you options required to create an event. You can choose to create Open EventInvitation Based Event or Group Event as per your requirement. You can also save an event as a draft to edit and publish later.
  2. The search bar works dynamically and helps you to search for an event based on Event Title.
  3. You can also search for events based on calendar dates by clicking the calendar icon   and selecting a date.
  4. You can press the icon  for list view and press icon   for grid view.
  5. Click the icon  then choose options to Bookmark event, Share Event and Register events.
  6. Date, Title and Venue of the event appears in the Event Information area. You can also check the availability of the seats here.
  7. Press icon   to Bookmark an event and icon   to Un-Bookmark it.

B. My Events – Events that a user has created are listed under My Events section.

  1. Under My Events section, you can view InvitedRegistered and Created events.
    1. Invited – Any event for which you have received an invitation to register appears here.
    2. Registered – Events that you have registered to are visible here.
    3. Created – All the events that you have created so far appear under the Created tab.
  2. Click icon  then choose options to Invite AttendeeShare Event and Edit Events.

C. Saved Events – This section lists all Bookmarked and Saved as Draft events.

  1. View Bookmarked and Saved as Draft by choosing the respective tabs.
  2. Clicking icon  gives you options to Edit and Publish the event.

Note: Currently, ONLY View Events and Register Events features are available on mobile devices.

Password Expired Notification

To give Engage users a better experience and the system more interactive feel, a new feature has been released wherein the system notifies the user prior his/her password expiry and enforces a policy that requires users to verify their account information every 180 days.

Communication Task Field Maximum Length

The maximum string length on the Message field for a communication task of type Call or Face-to-Face meeting has been expanded from 300 to 10,000 characters. This is meant to enable the Recruiters and Counselors to fully summarize their conversations with Prospects or Applicants. The maximum string length on the Note field remains 300, as this is meant to be a briefer notation on the task.

Field Labeling Update

The field label “Email Address” found on the initial Self-Service form has been updated to “Enter your Email Address to begin the application process.”

Academic History Revisions
Data Entry
The pop up form for adding Historical Academic Data for both a Prospect and an Applicant has been revised. Some behavior on the form is driven by the mandatory selection of the institution type; the options are either High School or College.

  1. The ability to update the Status value continues to be from the administrative forms only, to be done by a Recruiter or Counselor. From Self-Service the historical academic data entered by a Prospect or Applicant is automatically assigned a status of “Self-Reported”, and the field is not visible on that form.
  2. The institution attended can be identified by locating the name in the School list or by entering the College Board (CEEB) code directly, however, both require that the Institution Type be selected first. The School list will be populated with high school names or college names depending on the type selected. Optionally, entering a Nation and State will filter the School list, to only those matching the Nation and State specified.

After a valid CEEB code is entered and verified, using the “Verify CEEB Code” button, the system will perform an institute lookup and auto-populate the name and location fields on the form.

  1. The “Please Select Your Standing at this Institution” field identifies the status of graduation or last attendance at the institution.  The corresponding month and year are then required data elements.  The behavior of these fields is the same for both Institution Types.
  2. Based on the Institution Type selected, the remaining data entry shall vary:
    1. High school entries will capture counselor information, class rank, GPA, etc.
    2. College entries will capture degree or attempted credits, and GPA.

Data Usage
The Prospect and Applicant list pages will accept a CEEB code as an advance filter criterion when the ‘Prior Education’ field is a column on the list.  This column will also accept any part of the institution name as filter criterion as well.

  1. If the Prospect or Applicant list page includes the Prior Education column, and a Prospect or Applicant has multiple historical academic entries, then the one value displayed for the record will be the one with the most recent month and year value.
  2. If the Prospect or Applicant list page is filtered on a Prior Education value, then Prospects or Applicants that contain that value in ANY entry will be returned in the list (although it will be the most recent entry that displays).
  3. If the Recruiter or Counselor assignment rules implement the High School criteria, then it will be the Prospect’s or Applicant’s most recent entry of type “High School” that will be considered when applying the rules.

Inquiry Form Addition Question To Recruiter

From the Inquiry form, Recruiters currently receive an Email for each question asked by a Prospect via the “Have Additional Question” field. The Prospect’s preferred method of contact, either Email or call, is noted on this Email. An enhancement has been made to the format and content of the Email depending on the Prospect’s preferred method of contact.

Inquiry Form Addition Question To Recruiter

From the Inquiry form, Recruiters currently receive an Email for each question asked by a Prospect via the “Have Additional Question” field. The Prospect’s preferred method of contact, either Email or call, is noted on this Email. An enhancement has been made to the format and content of the Email depending on the Prospect’s preferred method of contact.

Super Admin Analytics

From this release, Super Admin Analytics empowers tenant admins to get insight at tenant-level data such as Total number of Users, Usage by Browser/OS, Number of likes/comments on connect posts etc. A tenant admin can access the Analytics Dashboard from Studio Menu.

The relevant access right must be given from Studio Access ControlAnalytics Dashboard graphically represents the data which is easy to understand and follows the self-explanatory approach.

RBAC Integration to Mobile

Previously, mobile apps permissioning was controlled and managed via Studio portal. This enhancement integrates RBAC to mobile and brings the mobile apps permissioning to U8 portal. A toggle switch has been added for apps to control their visibility on mobile devices.

Now, show on mobile app settings under Menu Builder MUST be turned on for an app to be visible on a mobile phone.
Note: For a user to view an app on a mobile phone, the user MUST also have relevant access rights from RBAC.

CMS Integration to Mobile Application

Previously, a page was only accessible through the portal. With this enhancement, pages are now available for viewing on mobile devices as well. Provided the users have relevant permissions from RBAC, they can access/view pages on their mobile devices. Also, with CMS integration to Mobile Application; both mobile and portal environments would share a common landing page.

Device/Global Publishing Feature

Global and Device Publish options are back in U8 environment for Engage users. You can now push/publish updates for both portal & mobile from U8 portal. ‘Device’ and ‘Global’ Publish options appear at the top of the page once the changes made to an app are saved.

The changes/updates to an app can be first tested locally before publishing them globally. Navigate to App Manager > Unifyed Store > My Apps and save the changes on the App to test it locally.

  • Publish – Clicking   publishes the changes globally for both mobile and portal environments.
  • Device Publish – You can also publish changes to specific devices i.e. mobile phones or browsers. Clicking Device Publish displays a list of all devices you can publish the changes to.

1. Click the Publish button for the device you want to publish the changes to.
2. Device Edit or Delete options are available under three vertical dots.
3. You can add more devices to the list by clicking   button.

Mobile Branding Upgrade

Previously, the colour theme for mobile was managed separately from the Studio portal. However, now, the colour themes available under Studio > Design on U8 would apply to both Mobile and Portal apps.

Logos and Screen Setting Integration

Logos and Screens settings that include App Logo, Background Image and Splash Screen for Mobile environment can now be managed from U8 portal.

Menu Applet Upgrade

Menu Applet is enhanced with a new menu view for mobile apps with this release. Along with List View and Grid View, there is a new view named Card Menu.

Selecting Card Menu gives a fresh and modern look to the homepage of mobile apps.

  1. All the apps and pages available are displayed in a new look.
  2. A footer section can include a maximum of 4 items (Dock items).


Drive App Enhancement

Drive App has been upgraded with some exciting features in this release. Following are the features now available to users:

1. Folder Level Permissions – Owner of the folder can share the folder with another user along with the permissions to View or Edit. The shared folder has the owner’s name on the folder grid and appears under ‘Shared with Me’ folder of the Drive. Edit permissions give you the ability to view, download, create folders & upload files.

2. Public URL for Folders – Given the right permissions, you can generate URL for every folder present/created in the Drive. The URL can be shared with any user through email, chat, SMS, etc. A user can view the folder data using the URL shared with him without having to log in.

Note: Both the features are available ONLY for the newly created folders and, does not work for any exiitng folder.

Adding Unifyed Group Admins

This enhancement empowers a Unifyed Group Administrator to reassign admin rights and add users as new group administrators for managing content/messaging/events of a group. Apart from managing groups, the new administrators can also add/delete/view the other administrators including the group owner (creator of the group).

Group Templates

Groups Admins or users with Create Group Template permission can now create Group Templates. Group Template feature allows users to save a group as a template and reuse it in future. A group template inherits the properties (image & description of a group) of the same group that was used to create the template.

  1. Click the more_horiz icon right next to the group which is required to be saved as a template. Select the Save as Template option.
  2. You can re-name the Group Template.
  3. You can access and use a Group Template from Create New Group. Newly created templates appear at the end of the Select Group Type page.

Viewing a Group’s Information

Previously, clicking a Unifyed Group showed the group information in a new tab. With this release, the group information is available within the main navigation window of Unifyed Group page. Upon accessing a Group’s information, the left navigation menu bar shows options relevant to that Group. By clicking on the browser’s back button, the user gets redirected to groups the main homepage.

Also, the groups that you manage/created and the groups that you have joined can be accessed from the left navigation bar.

Bugs & Fixes

Error While Updating Profile Pic

The issue wherein users were not able to update their profile image under My Profile has now been fixed. The system now updates users’ profile image without error.

Broken Connect App

The issue with Connect App wherein the users were not able to exit the Category Selection window has now been fixed. Now, the users are redirected back to the Share an article, photo, video textbox once clicking out of the Category Selection window.

Directory Applet Broken

There was a sorting issue with directory app wherein Sort by First Name displayed the data by Last Name and no department appeared even after selecting Enable Department checkboxes. This issue has now been fixed and the system behaves as expected.

Supported Browsers & Devices
This release is supported on the following browsers and devices:

Accessibility Compliance
Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG conformance levels A & AA.

Supported Devices
iPad Retina iOS 10.3.3
iPhone 6 iOS 12.1.2
Nexus 5x Android 8.1.0
iPhone X iOS 12.1.2
One Plus 6 Android 9
Samsung Galaxy Android 9
iPhone Xs Max iOS 12.1.2
iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.1.1
Supported Browsers
Device Operating System
Chrome version 68-71
Safari version 12
Firefox version 55-64

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