Unifyed Student – Engage 9.2.1

Dec 19 2019


Events for Unifyed Groups

From this release, a Uniyfed Group administrator can create group-specific events that would be visible to members of the group alone. For this feature to work, your group MUST have Event widget added from Studio > Widget. You can either Register or Withdraw from the Event Widget of your Unifyed Group. Event creation for the Group can be done from Events Applet on your portal homepage.

  1. While creating an event from Events applet on your portal homepage, select groups radio button under Event Types.
  2. Select Group search bar auto-populates the list of the existing Unfiyed Groups as you type. You can then select the group you want to create the event for.
  3. You can find all the events that are created for a group under group information.
  4. Search for an event date-wise using calendar   icon. ONLY, future events current or future date events are available in the calendar.
  5. Choose a view from List View   or Grid View  .
  6. Event Widget gives you option ONLY to either to Register or Withdraw from an event. Withdrawal option appears upon registering for the event.

NOTE: You are required to get the updates from Studio > AppStore for this enhancement.

Group Discovery

With this enhancement, users now get suggestions for joining groups based on their area of interest and the categories that they have subscribed to. ONLY Public and Restricted groups appear under the Suggested tab. Group tagging functionality has also been introduced to facilitate group suggestions functionality.

NOTE: You are required to get the updates from Studio > AppStore for this enhancement.

Restructuring of Group Categories

This enhancement introduces new categories and sub-categories of Unifyed group templates. While creating a Unifyed Group, you can choose a category and sub-category of the group.

Choosing the main category of the group gives you the subcategories belonging to that group.

Once a group is created, you can change neither category nor sub-category of the group.

NOTE: You are required to get the updates from Studio > AppStore for this enhancement.

Group Admin – Studio Access

This feature enables a Group Administrator to access Studio options exclusively for that group. Upon becoming a Group Administrator, a user automatically gets all the necessary rights (from Studio Access Control) that are required to manage a group.
Conversely, a Tenant admin who is NOT a group admin, cannot access studio options for that group.

You are required to get the updates from Studio > AppStore for this enhancement.
A group admin does not have Tenant admin rights and vice-versa.

Customizable Groups on Left Navigation Bar

This enhancement enables you to control the presence of My Groups and Managed Groups in the left navigation menu bar. You can control appearing/disappearing of the options with a toggle switch placed under Settings > Site Settings > Left Navigation > Site Groups.

Bugs & Fixes

Faculty Schedule – Hard-Coded Email Address

Faculty Schedule applet was erroneously triggering emails to faculties from different colleges from – r_forest@mwcc.edu. This issue has now been fixed, and hardcoded email address has been replaced with the college domain name. Now, a faculty from a college receive email from his/her college domain (@abc.edu, @xyz.edu) rather than receiving from @mwcc.edu.

Vertical Scrolling on IOS

The issue wherein the vertical scrolling was not working in the app after the first login has now been fixed. Vertical scrolling is now working as designed.

Incomplete Menu under Hamburger Icon

An issue wherein post login, users were not getting the complete list of the applet under the hamburger icon has now been fixed. Now, users do not have to hard crash the app and re-load it in order to populate all the complete list.

App Loading Error

The issue with Today App (Appointments, Schedule, To-Do and Notification) kept loading after being run in the background for few hours or switching networks (from WIFI to Cellular or from one WIFI connection to other) has now been fixed.

Issues with Connect Categories

The issue wherein user can see and select all the categories in the Connect drop-down irrespective of the categories are enabled/disabled from Preferences > Manage Categories is now fixed.

Distorted QuickLaunch Icons

The issue with inconsistent icon size in Verify widget on mobile has been fixed.

Empty Space in News Widget

The issue with the News widget displaying empty space instead of thumbnails has now been fixed. News widget data now shows up properly aligned.

Special Character in Apps Names

You can now use special character – apostrophe (’) while naming an app. Usage of a special character other than apostrophe is still prohibited.

Grade App Broken for Portal

The issue wherein the Grade app keeps loading on the portal and does not display any data has been fixed.

Rearranging Connect Categories

The ALL category in the Connect Post section which was not at the start, is now, moved at the start of category selection.

Distorted News Widget Design

The thumbnails and images were appearing blank for News applet. This design issue with the News applet has been fixed.

Accessibility Compliance
Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG conformance levels A & AA.

Supported Browser & Devices
This release is supported on the following browsers and devices:

Supported Devices
Device Operating System
iPad Retina iOS 10.3.3
iPhone 6 iOS 12.1.2
Nexus 5x Android 8.1.0
iPhone X iOS 12.1.2
One Plus 6 Android 9
Samsung Galaxy Android 9
iPhone Xs Max iOS 12.1.2
iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.1.1
Supported Browsers
Device Operating System
Chrome version 68-71
Safari version 12
Firefox version 55-64
Internet Explorer (Edge) version 20-40

About Unifyed

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