Unifyed Student Admit | Release 9.1

Nov 2 2019

Chicago, IL – Nov 2, 2019: Unifyed Student – Admit  Release Notes provide information on the new features, enhancements and bug fixes in each release.

New Features

Opt In/Out – SMS Functionality

From Self-Service or Inquiry forms, Prospects and Applicants can now opt-in/opt-out of SMS communications via the “I give permission to to send me important updates via text messaging. (Standard message charges apply)” check box field. This field was added to the administrative Prospect and Applicant forms in a previous release. The opt-out option has been implemented for the Admit CRM; an SMS task or checklist item intended for a recipient who has opted-out of SMS communications will be sent an Email in lieu of the SMS message. SMS communications will only be delivered to those Prospects and/or Applicants who have chosen to opt-in. By default the field will not be checked, which defines an opt-out status. This field can be updated at any time, as needed, from the Self-Service, Inquiry or administrative forms.

An SMS communication that is converted to an Email will have a system-generated subject of “Import Message from ”. The Email content will also include the phrase “…receiving the message as an email because you have not Opted-in to receive SMS messages…”.

Recruiters or Counselors who attempt to send an immediate SMS communication to a Prospect or Applicant who has Opted-Out, or to a group of Prospects or Applicants which includes any who have Opted-Out, will receive an error message stating that another communication type must be selected.

Any Ad Hoc tasks being added to the CRM for a Prospect or Applicant who has Opted-Out will not have SMS as an option for the communication type.

For reasons related to privacy and other rights of the mobile device owner, this field is NOT configurable via Settings>>>Institutional Defaults>>> Manage Fields.

This field is available to customize the columns of the Prospect and Applicant lists as “Permission to send SMS”.

SMS Message Notification

Recruiters and Admission Counselors will be notified about replies from Prospects and Applicants sent by SMS messages via the Admit Notification mechanism. The bell icon located at the top right-hand corner of the Admit homepage dynamically changes to indicate new notifications, and as always, can be used to navigate to the notification listing page.


Special Character Usage in Name Fields

The following special characters are allowed in any and all name fields on the Prospect, Applicant and Employee forms: apostrophe, hyphen, period. Name fields include but are not limited to First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Preferred Name, Full Legal Name and Prior Name. Any future field which is of a name type will allow these characters as it has become a standard.

Communication Task Field Maximum Length

The maximum string length on the Message field for a communication task of type Call or Face-to-Face meeting has been expanded from 300 to 10,000 characters. This is meant to enable the Recruiters and Counselors to fully summarize their conversations with Prospects or Applicants. The maximum string length on the Note field remains 300, as this is meant to be a briefer notation on the task.

Field Labeling Update

The field label “Email Address” found on the initial Self-Service form has been updated to “Enter your Email Address to begin the application process.”

Academic History Revisions
Data Entry
The pop up form for adding Historical Academic Data for both a Prospect and an Applicant has been revised. Some behavior on the form is driven by the mandatory selection of the institution type; the options are either High School or College.

  1. The ability to update the Status value continues to be from the administrative forms only, to be done by a Recruiter or Counselor. From Self-Service the historical academic data entered by a Prospect or Applicant is automatically assigned a status of “Self-Reported”, and the field is not visible on that form.
  2. The institution attended can be identified by locating the name in the School list or by entering the College Board (CEEB) code directly, however, both require that the Institution Type be selected first. The School list will be populated with high school names or college names depending on the type selected. Optionally, entering a Nation and State will filter the School list, to only those matching the Nation and State specified.

After a valid CEEB code is entered and verified, using the “Verify CEEB Code” button, the system will perform an institute lookup and auto-populate the name and location fields on the form.

  1. The “Please Select Your Standing at this Institution” field identifies the status of graduation or last attendance at the institution.  The corresponding month and year are then required data elements.  The behavior of these fields is the same for both Institution Types.
  2. Based on the Institution Type selected, the remaining data entry shall vary:
    1. High school entries will capture counselor information, class rank, GPA, etc.
    2. College entries will capture degree or attempted credits, and GPA.

Data Usage
The Prospect and Applicant list pages will accept a CEEB code as an advance filter criterion when the ‘Prior Education’ field is a column on the list.  This column will also accept any part of the institution name as filter criterion as well.

  1. If the Prospect or Applicant list page includes the Prior Education column, and a Prospect or Applicant has multiple historical academic entries, then the one value displayed for the record will be the one with the most recent month and year value.
  2. If the Prospect or Applicant list page is filtered on a Prior Education value, then Prospects or Applicants that contain that value in ANY entry will be returned in the list (although it will be the most recent entry that displays).
  3. If the Recruiter or Counselor assignment rules implement the High School criteria, then it will be the Prospect’s or Applicant’s most recent entry of type “High School” that will be considered when applying the rules.

Inquiry Form Addition Question To Recruiter

From the Inquiry form, Recruiters currently receive an Email for each question asked by a Prospect via the “Have Additional Question” field. The Prospect’s preferred method of contact, either Email or call, is noted on this Email. An enhancement has been made to the format and content of the Email depending on the Prospect’s preferred method of contact.

Family Relationship Dropdown Option

The values in the “Relationship” dropdown list that appears under the “Your Family” section of the Applicant form will be maintained by the “Relationship” validation table. All current Validation table rules and behavior apply.

Maintenance of values and visibility per Calendar Type are made to the Relationship validation table by navigating to Settings>>>Validation Tables.

Accessibility Compliance
Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG conformance levels A & AA.

Supported Devices
iPad RetinaiOS 10.3.3
iPhone 6iOS 12.1.2
Nexus 5xAndroid 8.1.0
iPhone XiOS 12.1.2
One Plus 6Android 9
Samsung GalaxyAndroid 9
iPhone Xs MaxiOS 12.1.2
iPhone 11 ProiOS 13.1.1
Supported Browsers
DeviceOperating System
Chromeversion 68-71
Safariversion 12
Firefoxversion 55-64

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