Case Study Owens Community College

Owens Community College and Unifyed Impact Engagement Across the Student Lifecycle

Communicating to the Masses was a Massive Effort

Owens Community College was challenged to provide an easy way to interact with each student to keep them informed and engaged throughout their lifecycle at OCC. They recognized that a mobile apps could increase engagement and provide essential student services in a timely fashion.

We were looking for a mobile app that provided our students with access to critical information such as their grades, holds, classes and course information,” said Laurie Orzechowski, Chief Information officer at Owens Community College.To drive user adoption on campus, we were looking for a solution that could drive a full student engagement lifecycle right from greeting students, to providing campus information to scheduling classes, all while supporting our branding.

Becoming Unifyed to Drive Engagement, Persistence and Completion

In July of 2018, Owens Community College implemented Unifyed’s Mobile Application to create a new experience for students. With the Mobile Application, the College can now track, engage and interact with and better retain the student community.

Unifyed’s Mobile Application stood out because it featured not only all our requirements of branding and integration, but also addressed all our needs for customization or enhancements such as the registration app for our students,” said Orzechowski.With Unifyed Mobile Application, the College’s technology is now unified to support an engagement strategy that meets our students’ needs.

Owens Community College leverages Unifyed Student Engagement for:

  • Guest apps such as events, directories, campus news, social media integration, and real time analytics.
  • Academic and non-academic apps that integrate with both their student information system and LMS to provide access to grades, course schedules, transcripts, holds and courses.
  • Authenticated logins to ensure data from their critical applications are only accessible to the institution’s students, faculty and staff.

Partnering for a Success:

Unifyed provided Owens Community College with easy customizations and integration, and an all-inclusive, affordable price for implementation, support and maintenance. The results speak for themselves. “We launched the app this fall and were astounded to see the number of students who quickly downloaded it and started using it daily,the CIO shared.

The College has not only embraced the Mobile Application for its students, but is now working to include features that assist its faculty and staff to better interact with and support students. Orzechowski notes “We are now seeking new and continuous ways to increase student enrollment, engagement and retention beyond just the classroom. Thanks to our partnership with Unifyed, we are confident that our platform can support our strategy.

Engaging. Easy. Integrated. Efficient. Unifyed.

About Unifyed

UnifyedTM is a cloud-based, next generation student information system provider serving over seven million students in seven countries. UnifyedTM is a beautiful and easy-to-use solution designed with an analytics-first approach to increasing student enrollment and engagement. Developed in partnership with the higher education community, our solution is both affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional institutions alike.

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About Owens Community College:

Owens Community College, a multi-campus institution located in Ohio, serves a diverse student population whose needs and expectations are often as unique as the students themselves. Fifty-six percent of their learners are first generation students and thirty-two percent of their 7,748 students carry full-time course loads.

With students attending directly from high school, some returning as adult learners and still others transferring in or participating in workforce development opportunities, the College strives to provide personalized attention to help each student reach their education goal.