Identity Technology

Unifyed Identity

Back in 2007, an average web user had about 6.51 passwords, each of which was shared across about 4 different sites. Each user had about 25 accounts that required passwords, and typed an average of 8 passwords per day.
That was before or around the time of adoption of smart phones and before hundreds of thousands of apps that were built on a plethora of mobile platforms.

Today’s digital natives must navigate through dozens of different applications whether on their desktop, or mobiles or tablets. Managing seamless yet secure access to applications, through user’s unique digital identity is essential to continue with day to day business.
The need for a clean, transparent, secure, process driven identity and access management platform cannot be overstated.

Single Sign On

1- click access to all your essential apps
  • Self Service Single Sign-on
  • In Built App Suite
  • Powerful Reporting & Analytics
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Pay-as-you-go Licensing
  • Security Pit-Stop
  • Self-help Knowledgebase
  • Limiting App Usage
Forget Password Screens

Password Management

Empower your users with self-service password management. You could do away completely with the ordeal of having to call your IT helpdesk or remembering multiple usernames & passwords. UnifyedTM Password Manager makes the entire process simple & lean, thanks to the power of self-service.

  • Password Recovery: Help users recover expired passwords through multi-factor authentication.
  • Expiry Notifications: Set and manage password expiry notifications to facilitate updating of passwords.
  • Security Questions: Pick from our pool of questions or set your own questions for recovery.
  • Recovery by Email/Phone: Recover passwords through the use of phone or email (primary/secondary).
  • Reports: Get insightful reports on password resets, accounts that have MFA configured etc.

Multi- Factor Authentication

With the erosion of the Campus network perimeter, thanks to enterprise mobility & BYOD, users access sensitive information from multiple devices & locations. This poses serious challenges in terms of data security & compliance, thus mandating the need for establishing tighter gateways for your users. Adaptive Multi-factor authentication from Unifyed solves this problem by giving your users the flexibility to access the resources they need from anywhere at any time.

  • Password Manager Integration
  • Role-based Authentication
  • Challenge Questions
  • Push Authentication Notifications
  • Diverse Detection Criteria
  • Fingerprint Authentication