Golden Gate University Selects Unifyed Student to Modernize Student Experience & Cybersecurity

May 30, 2019

Chicago, IL – May 30, 2019: Unifyed™, the only microservices-based, cloud-native student information system, today announced that Golden Gate University has selected Unifyed Student to modernize student experience & cybersecurity.

Mobile-First, Student Experience
By selecting Unifyed Student, Golden Gate University (GGU) will be able to deliver a modern, mobile-first student experience. It will enable students to easily register for classes from a mobile app and get notified when they have an overdue balance or when grades get posted. Golden Gate University will improve student engagement by providing community and communication features commonly found on apps like LinkedIn™.

As part of the Unifyed Student implementation, Golden Gate University will also improve its defense against phishing and ransomware attacks by introducing single-sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

After careful consideration, we are pleased to select Unifyed. With this partnership, we look forward to improving our campus communication, tightening our cybersecurity and improving overall student experience” said Dr. David J. Fike, President, Golden Gate University.

We welcome Golden Gate University to the Unifyed Family. We look forward to working closely with the university to help them move towards their mission of providing high-quality, practice-based educational programs for students” said Ranjan Tayal, Chief Executive Officer, Unifyed. 

About Golden Gate University™

Golden Gate University is a private, non-profit, nonsectarian university in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1901, the university specializes in educating professionals through its schools of laws, business, taxation, and accounting.

Golden Gate University emphasizes hands-on learning taught by professionals practicing in different fields. The university believes in providing an innovative and challenging learning environment that embraces professional ethics and diversity.

About Unifyed

Unifyed™ is the only AI-first, microservices-based, cloud-native student information system provider and serves over 750 colleges and universities in seven countries. Unifyed is a beautiful and easy-to-use solution designed with an AI-first approach to increasing student engagement and international enrollment. Developed by Columbia University in partnership with the higher education community, our solution is both affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional institutions alike.