Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Unifyed has digitized the Financial Aid process to automate the application, the verification and the awarding of financial aid. The Unifyed Financial Aid module eliminates the arduous, manual processes for students as well as institutions – delivering faster results and driving student engagement.

Application Status

Allows the students to check the current status of their Financial Aid application.

Application Checklist

A Step by Step process for form completion, to check if all the required information has been provided.

Award Status

Shows the status of Federal Aid awards (if it has been awarded to the student or not) enabling students to check the status in real-time.

Award Amount

Allows the students to check the amount of Federal Aid awarded to them.

Financial Aid Overview

Provides students with an overview of their financial aid till date.

Intuitive UI

Students can check the eligibility criteria of the Federal Aid to see if they qualify for that federal aid.