Unifyed Verify

Security For Higher Education

Unifyed Verify helps colleges improve student experience by federating single sign-on access to enterprise applications and providing self-service password reset to students. In addition, Unifyed Verify also improves cybersecurity with AI-based multi-factor authentication and biometrics. Unifyed Verify helps campuses achieve end-to-end identity lifecycle management with provisioning/deprovisioning.


What is Unifyed Verify?

Unifyed Verify provides a centralized identity management system that fulfills a key principle of Unifyed’s strategy by supporting industry-standard protocols. It uses an inclusive approach that covers Unifyed and 3rd party applications, offers flexible deployment options, and enhances the security level of higher ed institutions.

Unifyed Verify Helps Institutions with:

Single Sign-On allows you to ramp up secure access to enterprise applications by providing your users integrated access using one single master password. This is an excellent way to put an end to outdated practices such as writing down passwords or documenting them in spreadsheets – which can be a huge security concern.

Self-Service Password Manager

Provide your users with self-service password management – Do away entirely with the torment of getting in touch with your IT helpdesk or memorizing multiple passwords (God bless those users for carrying the weight all these years). Unifyed’s Self-Service Password Manager simplifies the entire process. Thanks to the power of self-service that enables a user who is stuck in a password situation to get it sorted quickly.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

With the attrition of the Enterprise/Campus network perimeter by enterprise mobility & BYOD, users are enabled to access critical information from several devices & locations. This leads to serious concerns pertaining to data security & compliance, thus mandating the need for establishing tighter gateways for users. Adaptive Multi-factor authentication from Unifyed provides a solution to this problem by giving your users the flexibility to access the required resources anywhere, any-time, while giving you all the necessary control to authenticate them in a secured manner.