Claremont Graduate University (CGU), a PeopleSoft® Client Selects Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus with Integration to PeopleSoft®

November 9, 2017

November 2017, Chicago, IL: Claremont Graduate University (CGU), a PeopleSoft® Client recently selected Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus to drive digital transformation and improve student engagement. Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus is available on all iOS and Android smart devices and browsers and includes the following modules:

  • Financial Aid  – Unifyed has digitized the Financial Aid process to automate the application, the verification and the awarding of financial aid. The Unifyed Financial Aid for PeopleSoft® eliminates the arduous, manual processes for students as well as institutions – delivering faster results and driving student engagement.
  • Grades  – Unifyed intuitive User Interface allows students to access their midterm and final grades and view their transcripts with just a single click making access to critical information effortless.
  • Registration  – Unifyed Registration for PeopleSoft® eases and simplifies the process of adding/dropping class, class look up and class registration for students. Users can select desired classes from a wide range courses available and make the required payments on-the-go through the applet. The mobile-first design allows the students to look up and register for classes from any device – mobile, desktop or tablet.
  • LMS – Unifyed LMS for Canvas® allows students to search for courses, access their midterm and final grades and view their transcripts with just a single click, making access to critical information effortless.

Why 30,000 Institutions Switched to Unifyed?

  • Higher Education Expertise – Unifyed serves over 30,000 higher education clients worldwide and allows client institutions to share apps with each other which avoids re-inventing the wheel.
  • Cost Effective – Unifyed is 50% less expensive than vendors like Modo Labs® and O0HLALA®.
  • Easy to Use – Unifyed Studio enables client institutions to self-manage and maintain their Unifyed Digital Campus
  • Flexible –Unifyed Digital Campus supports the ability for client institutions to develop new apps in any programming language of their choice including Java, PHP, and .net.
  • Integration: Unifyed provides out-of-the-box integration PeopleSoft® , Colleague®, PowerCampus®, Banner®, Jenzabar®, Blackboard®, Desire2Learn®, Canvas®, Moodle®  and other key enterprise applications in higher education.

Prospective clients can register for a demo or email for further information.