Bluelight Campus Safety

Bluelight Campus Safety & Security App

There is no issue that concerns parents more when they send kids to college than the safety of their kid. But take comfort: There’s a lot more than just pepper spray that students can rely on to protect themselves.

What is Unifyed Campus Safety Applet?

Unifyed Campus Safety Applet lets users alert the campus police and designated guardians with their exact location in case of emergencies by tapping the app icon once. The applet has been developed to promote rapid call-for-action and replace the traditional BlueLight phones.


Multiple Modes to Alert

Alert campus police via App Notification, SMS and Email in case of emergency through the applet

Add Emergency Contacts

Add emergency contacts such as guardians, in addition to campus police, to alert them in case of emergencies

Emergency Services

Contact details and addresses of nearby hospitals and police departments available in the campus safety applet.

Improved Response Time

Reduces the response time for alerting emergency services promoting a safer campus environment