Your Campus Mobile App Can Help You Adjust to the New Normal


Institutions are moving towards a distributed campus – with more students learning online and faculty and staff working remotely. Amidst all these changes and necessary shifts, one of the foremost challenges institutions are facing is driving faculty, staff, and student engagement.

Due to these extraordinary times, many institutions have moved to an online delivery, and have closed portions of campus to students. This has made it difficult for institutions to drive constituent engagement as well as build new relationships with existing and prospective students respectively. This has resulted in some eye-opening forecasts which indicate potential reduced admission & retention rates, lesser graduation numbers, higher cybersecurity risks, and lower student engagement rates, among others.

What Should Institutions Focus On?

Being centralized in the wake of the pandemic, students, parents, and guardians are taking a step back while exploring at college options, with many looking for options closer to home, while also evaluating the digital resources that institutions offer to help remote students have a successful college experience.

To keep students engaged moving forward, institutions are realizing they need to take additional steps to best communicate and connect with their audience. Providing a campus mobile app is a great first step to seamlessly share all the information students & staff are seeking. Mobile apps do a good job of bridging both the physical and virtual gaps that campuses are identifying as they learn how to best move forward in the new normal.

How a Mobile App Helps Institutions Fight Such Adverse Scenarios?

A campus mobile app helps in many significant ways. It can easily help students as well as their parents/guardians be aware of the steps institutions are taking to address the ongoing pandemic and make them feel motivated and engaged. In addition to providing critical updates, mobile apps are proven to help boost user engagement. Next we will look at some of the roles and benefits of a campus mobile and how it can help institutions enhance and even redefine how it stays connected with its users.

Building Deeper Connections

It goes beyond just conversating with students! A campus-branded mobile app helps build a sense of community among students, staff, as well as families who can not be physically present on the campus. A mobile app should be available for them 24X7 and is a great way to stay connected at all the times and from anywhere. It helps constituents build deeper connections and nurture them by leveraging chat options and connecting to social media. Institutions can deliver all the important information, urgent notifications, guidelines to stay safe, and more to keep their constituents informed at all times.

Assisting Online Learning

A campus-branded mobile helps institutions assist in online learning. It helps students with their coursework, schedules, important notifications and nudges, about due dates for assignments, etc. Additionally, a mobile app helps students stay in touch with staff, professors, and classmates and provides all the information related to academics such as grades and course progress. It also helps staff & faculty keep track of student progress by utilizing advanced analytics

Helping with Student Enrollment & Retention

It is imperative for institutions to provide an engaging and holistic approach while trying to attract new students, especially as parents and guardians are contemplating more than ever on what are the best options for attending college during and after COVID. Students and parents want to understand whether an institution is ready to address such scenarios in the future without inhibiting the quality of education. The digital engagement offerings provided by an institution are more important now than ever before, and a mobile app addresses and solves these needs, helping institutions attract new students while also retaining existing students, and finally keeping alumni engaged well into the future.

Using a mobile app, institutions can provide prospective students & families with virtual campus tours and host online orientation, and admissions open houses. Furthermore, with the help of a mobile app, new students can easily join student groups and learn about different activities they get involved in once they start school.

Support Services

Many leading campus mobile app vendors provide 24×7 helpdesk support to answer the student queries on time and to augment the operational efficiency of the staff during these difficult times. An AI-powered chatbot can easily be utilized with a mobile app, and helps institutions take the burden off staff members

so they can focus on other urgent tasks such as maintaining a distributed campus, recruiting for next session and securely onboarding new students. An AI-powered chatbot can integrate seamlessly to your enterprise apps and works to answer student questions immediately and accurately.

Going Virtual

It is the new norm! Prior to COVID you may not have given much thought to going to a virtual delivery, yet here we are. It is indeed a very difficult time for everyone, as well a learning opportunity to understand how to go virtual and still ensure the same delivery that would have occurred physically on campus. Institutions can plan virtual graduations, host online events, and upload recorded speeches via campus mobile app to keep everything going as planned during the academic year.

The Bottom Line Is

COVID-19 has pushed higher ed institutions into uncertain waters, leaving them with complex and multifaceted challenges in maintaining business continuity. From institutions helping their students feel connected to campus, to finding valuable ways to overcome challenges related to budget constraints, the pandemic has indeed made a substantial, and most probably, a lasting impression on higher ed institutions. Innovative Technology is playing a vital role in helping institution overcome these challenges and bridge the gap between a physical and virtual campus experience. Have you invested in the right mobile app yet?