The SIS Promise to Profitability in 5 Steps


Let me start by asking you what is a Student Information System? I think of it this way – It’s like a cupboard having different shelves containing all the information linked to student journey and lifecycle. It’s a one-stop source for all kinds of student information that can be easily integrated with other modules to streamline the work.

SIS helps in driving student success by offering integration to student data, academic preparation, course load, and more. All the student data starting from a prospect; to an applicant; to a student; till alumni is centrally stored by the Student Information System. It allows the system to manage content, push the student in the right direction, alert advisors/recruiters, and guide students to success. With the help of integration, SIS brings data from different sources together to gain insights for the entire student lifecycle.

Let’s Explore How SIS Promises to Profitability in 5 Steps

1) Enhanced Productivity – Having all the student information centralized helps administrators to fetch the required details from one place. It helps to enhance the overall productivity by eliminating the extra step of accessing different portals checking every student’s details. SIS offers integration to different modules, saving time and efforts for admins alongside optimizing productivity to take quick actions. SIS allows administrators to fill in and store all the student information at one place, rather than doing repetitive manual work of filling in the details.

2) Improved Student Success – Helping students succeed is one of the primary goals of an institution. Students get access to their information through SIS with easy logins where they can track their progress easily and can opt for courses accordingly. Students can easily track their course history, progress report, fee structure, attendance, etc. For faculty, students’ progress can be tracked with the help of various analytic tools and dashboards available, which also have various types of filters for varying usages. SIS gathers and consolidates all the additional data on students to gain a more holistic picture.

3) Enhanced Security – Every institution wants to secure their data and limit user accessibility depending upon the member’s role. A cloud-based SIS application can store information on a centralized platform to help enhance security; which otherwise can be a tall order with manual efforts. One can easily define the accessibility based on different roles and allow permissions based on the requirements. A cloud-based SIS also stores the data securely and involves regular backups; avoiding the risk of losing any data.

4) Communication – Effective, transparent, and quick communication is the key for all the institutions to run smoothly. SIS allows an easy communication flow among all the key stakeholders; students, administrators, faculties, among others. It keeps the history of entire communication, making it easy for everyone to keep a record. Additionally, every member gets access to reach out to students or faculties with just a few clicks.

5) Analytics – Reporting helps the management to track the performance and take decisions accordingly. Analytics dashboard gives you a holistic view of how things are being managed and handled and where does it require to take specific actions. SIS offers multiple dashboards for reports and provides different filters to analyze the data. All the important information can be obtained with a single glimpse at the dashboard.

SIS management lets all the key players of a higher ed institution including recruitment, admissions, enrollment, registrar, financial aid, school/student services to easily assess and add important data for each student. The real purpose of the student information system is that it has all the important information about students in a centralized location.

Some of the Additional Functionalities of SIS Helping Institutions:

  • Helping in academic advising
  • Hassle-free enrollment
  • Managing all the academic records
  • Flexible scheduling and course request
  • Easy curriculum management

Key Advantages for Student Success:

  • Provide better information to support student retention and progression
  • Enhance student support and the way services are provided to students
  • Simplify processes and update systems across the student lifecycle
  • Gather and consolidate all the additional data on students to gain a more holistic picture

SIS Revolves Around Student Journey

SIS Accessibility for Students

SIS provides a student login page which gives them a viewpoint of everything linked with their account. When students log in with the provided credentials, they get access to institution’s programs, student resources, course curriculum, courses schedule, grades to know their performance, academic records, financial aid, track the attendance, performance, course details, notifications, and reminders. The students also get information regarding special events, student calendars, fee details, and schedules.

Technologies such as machine learning, mobile engagement, and artificial intelligence help institutions personalize the student experience, anticipate needs, and deliver suggestions on programs and opportunities. All of this will help drive student engagement, student success and, eventually, institution success.

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