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We build solutions exclusively for Higher Ed that promote immersive student experiences, maximize security, increase operational efficiency & provide data-rich insights for staff constituents to boost retention & create a student-centric campus.

Student Engagement

Constant engagement is at the center of student retention, Unifyed Engage provides a seamless means for student-users to keep abreast of their academic & extracurricular life on campus. For staff constituents, it’s a great platform to promote student interest, detect early signs of attrition and revitalize student success.

Integrations Made-Easy

Out-of-the-box integration to leading SIS, LMS, CRM and other enterprise apps; equipped with a self-service platform, Unifyed ensures that you can manage existing or create new integrations as more applications emerge on the campus.

Data-Rich Insights

Information is the key to effective decision making, Unifyed Engage provides an easy access to data-driven insights that help institutions make better decisions faster. With Unifyed, you can track constituent behavior for product adoption, interest & consistency.

Operational Efficiency

Institutions deserve efficient and effective solutions, Unifyed is focused on building products that optimize existing enterprise applications & campus resources; automate conventional business-processes & increase overall operational efficiency for the institution.

Delivering Digital Experiences Your Students Expect

Unifyed™ is a cloud-based, next generation student information system provider serving over seven million students in seven countries. Unifyed is a beautiful and easy-to-use solution designed with an analytics-first approach to increasing student engagement and international enrollment. Developed in partnership with the higher education community, our solution is both affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional institutions alike.

Higher Education Management Solutions

A powerful mobile-first identity management system for higher education that provides students and staff a secure one-click access to enterprise applications, an ability to self-service password resets & maximize security with multi-factor authentication

Mobile App; Web Portal made Unifyed Engage – One disruptive platform that uniquely combines the power of web with the ease of mobile; ensures student constituents are always on the top of their academic and extracurricular life on campus. A convenient and consistent user-experience; any device, anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive mobile-first apps that drive student engagement, automate conventional business processes, streamline reporting and interoperate with existing enterprise applications to make information easily-accessible.

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Case Studies

Jan 16, 2019

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Jan 31, 2019

Solution to the never-ending problem of students dropping out every year jointly lies with the students and the institutions itself. Where students are ought to invest the required efforts, higher education institutions also have a responsibility..Continue Reading


Dec 08, 2018

The opportunity to utilize predictive analytics in higher education was first documented in a scholarly article in 2001; in 2012 several articles hypothesized on how best to use data as leading indicators. Yet many college..Continue Reading

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Client Testimonials
Paul M. Chenoweth, Mgr. Web Programming
Belmont University

We are a Banner® institution and needed mobile delivery for personal data that lives within Banner® self-service. The Unifyed team looked at our requirements and concerns over data security and delivered more than we asked for. We just got started and received overwhelmingly positive from the users and are rapidly approaching 7,000 downloads.

Dale Jacobs, Product Manager
Lehigh Carbon Community College

Analytics for our campus portal showed a great volume of mobile users, which supported the idea of creating a mobile app. Unifyed Mobile & Portal provided the app plus development and administrative skills at a price we couldn’t beat. The native Banner apps save us time and provide our users with the information they need.

Alexander Johnson
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

The implementation process is great. The project management team is great with communicating and answering any and all questions or concerns I have. The technical team takes a great deal of stress off my shoulders throughout the process by being prompt in responding to question and quickly resolving issues encountered along the way