Unifyed Mobile & Portal

Engage Your Students Through Their Favorite Devices

Unifyed Mobile & Portal is a scalable, secure platform that establishes communication
between student, staff and faculty through multiple devices to simplify student engagement, retention and enrolment.

What is Unifyed Mobile & Portal

Unifyed Mobile & Portal equips institutions with a highly intuitive, customizable, and simple-to-execute solution designed exclusively for higher education. Unifyed Mobile & Portal integrates with all major enterprise applications including SIS, LMS, email and more, making relevant information readily available across all devices.

Unifyed Mobile & Portal Helps Institutions with:

Student Engagement Apps

Unifyed student engagement apps can provide a way to send out broad communications like campus events, alerts, and other time-sensitive information. Unifyed apps provide access to class schedules, student planner, assignments, exams, courses, attendance, events, student digital wallets, and more.

Targeted Messaging

The dynamic new Targeted Messaging feature enables the user to send targeted messages, and schedule messages in advance. Send push notifications, text, pop-ups and emails to individuals or a selected group of users. Target specific devices and send push notifications that include images as well as links along with text.


Integrates with major LMS, SIS, Email and other leading enterprise applications, providing access to important information such as attendance, class schedules, assignments, course schedules, events, and more.

Single Sign-On

Enables users to add, modify, remove, and share role-based single sign-on to access several enterprise applications such as Banner®, Peoplesoft®, Colleague®, Power Campus®, Jenzabar®, Canvas®, Blackboard®, Office 365®, Gmail® and more.

Built-in Analytics

Unifyed Analytics provides easy access to information that helps institutions answer real tactical questions, build processes, and make appropriate decisions to drive student engagement. It provides tailored insights to decision makers, helping them determine risks, outcomes and quantify costs.

Content Management System 

Allows users to publish content to the web without advanced programming skills or knowledge of web technologies with a simple point and click interface. The simple user interface of Unifyed Content Management System enables users to easily understand its features and create, edit and publish content across the web.

The only way to believe what Unifyed Mobile & Portal can do is to see it in action.

Who is using Unifyed Mobile & Portal?

Over 30,000 universities around the globe use Unifyed Mobile & Portal to transform their campuses online

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