Create Apps for Higher Ed

Unifyed Studio is a self-service mobile app development platform that allows your university to quickly and easily create an interactive and engaging mobile campus experience for prospects, students, faculty, staff and alumni.


Site Template Builder

Admins can create and manage site templates which can be published for end users to select and create a site.

Page Template Builder

Admins can create and build access controlled pages with a site containing multiples stages of approval for publishing.

Engagement Platform Template

Admins can toggle between platform User Interface templates.


View real time tracking of website traffic to understand the behavior of your users and guests.


OAuth is integrated into the middleware to allow for integration with OAuth Authentication protocol.


Provides In-built staging and workflow for content creation, approval and publishing.


Reduces cognitive load off the users by personalizing the experience for them with our automated service desk interactions.

Studio PC view
Multi-tenant Database Adapter

One adapter for multiple banner schools enabling hosting of multiple schools under one middleware.

Admin Panel for Tenants

Lets user assign admin rights to someone based on their role.

Configuration Editor

Allows the admin to configure the applets and customize/edit the same at a later stage, for instance, updating the middleware, integrating RSS feeds, etc.

On-Premise Adapter

Adapters can be deployed on premise for hosting.


Mobile-shaped emulator to reflect all the changes and updates in real time as they would look in the desired device post implementation.

Audit/Activity log

Helps track all activities that a user has performed including that of admins and contributors.

New Mexico State University

Unifyed delivered a cutting edge Web and Mobile Digital Campus Solution in the promised turn-around time at 1/4th the price compared to what we were spending earlier.

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