Student Engagement Apps

Applets for Higher Ed

Unifyed provides a wide range of Applets to efficiently engage prospects, students, faculty, staff and alumni. With diverse range of apps, institutions can create a complete mobile experience for the campus community – whether to accelerate recruitment, improve retention, engage alumni, simplify faculty management or to achieve many other objectives.

About Unifyed Applets

Cross-Environment, Cross-Platform Compatibility

Unifyed Applets are built on Mobile-First design, which facilitates a unified and seamless user experience in web, mobile web and mobile. Additionally, Unifyed Applets are compatible with all the browsers in web as well as mobile environment.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Share personalized information based on user roles, like applicants, students, faculty or staff. Improve your targeting with the Messages Applet, geofencing and QR codes.

Accessibility Compliance

Unifyed Store solution complies with security and accessibility obligations, and other standards including WCAG, 508, FERPA, HIPPA, and others.

Hassle-Free Customizations

Make changes in the UI, branding or functionalities of the applet as and when needed to meet institutions requirements. Self-service admin interface facilitates the same without any hassle or IT assistance.

Student Engagement Apps

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