Student Attendance

Student Attendance

Unifyed’s Attendance Tracking system enables higher education institutions streamline and automate student and faculty attendance. The attendance management system helps save time and money by eliminating manual processes — Enabling teachers to accurately and quickly track student’s time in the classroom

What is Unifyed Attendance?

Unifyed Student attendance tracking app enables teachers to mark attendance in the class and send attendance reports to administrators. Streamline attendance tracking and automatically send alerts to parents via email, SMS & messaging.



By establishing a perimeter, a fence is created around the attendance functionality through which teachers can mark attendance for students in the range.

Eliminate Paperwork

Eliminate paperwork and save time and money with mobile and cloud-based attendance management system.

Duplicate Data Entries

Eliminate duplicate data entry and errors in time and attendance entries.

Student management

Improve visibility to track and manage student attendance & absenteeism across multiple campuses.


Increased security and confidentiality with role-based permissions to users.

The only way to believe what Unifyed Mobile Campus can do is to see it in action.

Who is using Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus?

Over 30,000 universities around the globe use Unifyed Mobile to transform their campuses online

New Mexico State University

Unifyed delivered a cutting edge Web and Mobile Digital Campus Solution in the promised turn-around time at 1/4th the price compared to what we were spending earlier.

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