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Modern Mobile Digital Campus With Out Of Box Integration To Existing Systems

Presenting An Iconic Mobile App On Campus!

CCTC had access to the Ellucian® application, owned it for some time, but never deployed it as they were not comfortable enough with the application. They required an app to provide a CCTC branding -which was more native.

CCTC came alive with an exclusive Mobile Digital Campus with Unifyed that kept in mind all the priorities set by the College. Uniting approximately 35,000 institutions globally, Unifyed supports common student success goals across campuses.

Officials at CCTC confirm that the Mobile Digital Campus from Unifyed has been a great asset with more than 1300 downloads.

The app became available to campus students and faculty in September 2017. The user-friendly interface and value the technology added were greatly appreciated and bonded together more than 3,700 students.

Inspiring Tales: Expert Problem Solving


he mobile solution should provide a CCTC-branded, native mobile application including, but not limited to, Apple iOS and Android devices and made available for free download in the Apple App / Google Play Store

The mobile application must maintain user confidentiality and privacy as per CCTC’s legal and regulatory compliance requirements (e.g. FERPA)

The mobile application must authenticate using the same credentials as provided by the College’s Ellucian® Luminis web portal (myCCTC). LDAP and Active Directory authentication methods are desired

The mobile solution must provide fully functional integration with Banner®, Luminis, Desire2Learn®, Degree Works, Gmail®, and BlackBoard® Connect.

The mobile solution should provide access to a library of applets providing core college and university services (e.g. employee directory, news and announcements, event calendar, campus maps, etc.) with integration capability into existing directory, news, and calendar data sources (CCTC website and Ellucian® Luminis Web Portal)

Must provide usage analytics via the web portal (number of concurrent users, total users, applets used, downloads, etc.);

Social Layer/Address Book: Mobile application must include the ability for students to create and share a mobile student ID or profile on the app and add new contacts to an address book built within the College app and to the user phone’s native address book.



Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) now has a mobile application platform for use by its students, faculty, and staff.

The mobile platform provides users with a single, seamless interface to College applications and data appropriate for their role.

The ability to send push notification enables their entire campus population to stay up-to-date.

The mobile solution has been well received by students, faculty, and staff with over half of the college’s FTE count having downloaded and actively using the application.

Student and faculty/staff input is collected each year through the college’s annual Survey of Programs and Services which provides a customer-driven roadmap for feature enhancements and requests.

Attaining The Impossible and Excelling At It

“We wanted to make sure we provided access to all of the information that we normally would on the portal, now in the hands of the students. We have a variety of platforms running and we needed an app that is applet based. We weren’t looking at tying ourselves down with what’s handed down to us, rather we wanted to improvise and create something that defines us and our needs best. Unifyed helped us achieve what was once only on paper and mind”, said Brian Davis, Director of Information and Learning Technologies at Central Carolina Technical College. He also added, “By offering our students an interface that can efficiently coordinate with our systems was one of the most valued achievement and we intend to grow it. We are just about to release our E-mail integration and D2L® integrations and testing it right now”.

“Central Carolina Technical College did an amazing job at sharing such detailed notes on what they were looking for and how it could transform student life. With Unifyed’s expertise, all those innovations came to life and made the mobile app achieve its success. Unifyed is glad to have provided them with a Mobile Digital Campus solution and help them accomplish superior mobile apps that can constantly adapt to newer technology” said Dennis Thibeault, Chief Product Officer, Unifyed.

Digitize your campus today!

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About Central Carolina Technical College:

Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) needed to deploy a mobile application platform for its students, faculty, and staff. The mobile platform was meant to provide users with a single, seamless interface to College applications and data appropriate for their roles. CCTC already had a portal but lacked a mobile app. They were trying to find a niche product that would fit into their delivery platform and support all devices.

Goals: CCTC looked for a reliable mobile app for its campus that could sync well with their existing systems. In addition, CCTC has numerous outreach recruitment activities and two enrollment programs with area high schools and hence, they needed a mobile app to reach out to potential students as well.

Obstacles: The obstacles were plenty on the College’s plate. For starters, the mobile application needed to authenticate using the same credentials as provided by the College’s Ellucian® Luminis web portal (myCCTC). LDAP and Active Directory authentication methods were required. The factors connected to the already up and running products were an issue not all mobile app platforms could unravel.

Results: Central Carolina Technical College got the license for implementation of Unifyed mobile app solution.

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