Case Studies

How One Oklahoma Campus Improves Student Engagement & Achieves SS0 Capabilities with Unifyed™ Engage.

SIS:  Ellucian® PowerCampus Product: Unifyed Engage

LMS: Brightspace by D2L®FTE: 1,467

How University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Improved Student Engagement with a Student-Centric Mobile App

SIS:  Ellucian® Colleague Product: Unifyed Mobile

LMS: Blackboard®FTE: 2,821

How Central Carolina Technical College Improved Student Engagement with a Student-Centric Mobile App

SIS:  Ellucian® Banner Previous Vendor: Ellucian® Go

LMS: D2L®FTE: 3,579

How Coconino Community College Improved Student Engagement With A Student-Centric Web Portal

SIS:  Ellucian® Banner Previous Vendor: Luminis® Platform

LMS: Canvas®FTE: 3,608


Student Attendance Tracking App- Leveraging Student Participation To Improve Learning Outcomes

Student attendance greatly impacts learning outcomes. Unless the students attend classes, the possibilities to learn, participate in support and learning activities, and engage with other students and faculty are low.