Case Studies

Modern Mobile Digital Campus With Out Of Box Integration To Existing Systems

CCTC had access to the Ellucian® application, owned it for some time, but never deployed it as they were not comfortable enough with the application. They required an app to provide a CCTC branding -which was more native.

Digitize Campus Towards Student Success

Ana G. Mendez University System (AGMUS) needed a next generation digitized platform in sync with desktop as well as mobile users to reinforce the university’s community engagement of potential and current students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Increasing Campus Safety: Bringing A Better “Peace Of Mind”

When Dakota Wesleyan University set out to find an ideal solution for enhancing campus safety, Unifyed provided them with the perfect solution that they were looking for — Unifyed Campus Safety – a student-centric real time adaptive safety platform.


Student Attendance Tracking App- Leveraging Student Participation To Improve Learning Outcomes

Student attendance greatly impacts learning outcomes. Unless the students attend classes, the possibilities to learn, participate in support and learning activities, and engage with other students and faculty are low.

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