Higher Level of Security for Higher Ed

You no longer have to settle for trade-offs between security, user experience and interoperability across systems. Unifyed Identity is a perfect fit for the demanding needs of higher education because our incomparably flexible identity access and management system does what no other solution can –

identity screens



Whether its branding or adding applications, get it all done through QuickLaunch self service portal.

In Built App Suite

Salesforce, Box, Banner,ADP, Dropbox and more- 1 click access to literally every app you need at work.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Get insightful & actionable insights on who your users are, apps they’re
accessing and more.

Role-Based Access Control

Give the right set of privileges to the right employee & manage them centrally.

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Password Recovery

Help users recover expired passwords through multi-factor authentication.

Expiry Notifications

Set and manage password expiry notifications to facilitate updating of passwords.

Security Questions

Pick from our pool of questions or set your own questions for recovery.

Recovery by Email/Phone

Recover passwords using phone or email (primary/secondary).


Get insightful reports on password resets, accounts that have MFA configured.

New Mexico State University

Unifyed delivered a cutting edge Web and Mobile Digital Campus Solution in the promised turn-around time at 1/4th the price compared to what we were spending earlier.