Unifyed CMS

Unifyed CMS

Selecting the right content management system is not a simple proposition. Your website, after all, needs to reflect your school’s best assets to help recruit prospective students and staff. It needs to facilitate communication between your students, staff, and faculty. It also needs to keep others (e.g., alumni, community) updated and engaged to drive fundraising and support.

What is Unifyed CMS?

We’ve created a robust Content Management System (CMS) that permits site administrators to create content across pages, efficiently. Unifyed content management system provides a great deal of features including customizable web themes, reusable content and an easy-to-use program


User Access

Websites for a higher ed university requires different access to rights for multiple users (professors, students, website visitors, etc). Unifyed provides modules for controlling access and posting content quickly across multiple channels and sites.

Integrated Text Search

Unifyed’s integrated text search enables you to rapidly perform search actions via saved, ad-hoc and integrated search capabilities

Document Management

With Unifyed CMS, 1) institutions can enable users to digitally sign documents, 2) organize all institutional information in a secure central repository, 3) grant or revoke user rights, among many others.

Workflow Designer

With the new workflow designer, institutions can streamline processes and document approvals. They can further simplify processes with real-time notifications, to-do lists etc


Collect raw data from web pages, mobile devices, and software applications. Validate, store, organize, and secure content collected through E-Forms

Information Management

Manage the complete lifecycle of content from engagement and retention to archiving and deletion

The only way to believe what Unifyed Mobile Campus can do is to see it in action.

Who is using Unifyed CMS?

Over 30,000 universities around the globe use Unifyed Mobile to transform their campuses online

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