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Unifyed provides a wide range of Applets to efficiently engage prospects, students, faculty, staff and alumni. With diverse range of apps, institutions can create a complete mobile experience for the campus community – whether to accelerate recruitment, improve retention, engage alumni, simplify faculty management or to achieve many other objectives.

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Unifyed Connect

Through the years college bulletin boards haven’t changed much. Even in this tech-savvy world, bulletin boards are still hung on campus walls. Students have to make the flyer, print it and march all the way to each and every physical board to stick flyers, all so that they can sell that book, post an event, or make an announcement.

We at Unifyed have transformed the physical bulletin board into a virtual space, where you can post and “GET YOUR WORD OUT” in just a few clicks.

Easy to use

Our Campus Bulletin Board, Connect, is easy to use, you can moderate, administrate, and customize the content on the dashboard.

No Size Limit

With Unifyed Connect, you can create as many categories, boards, members, threads, topics and posts as you like. There's no limit. We like busy forums!

Simple Admin Tools

With our super simple admin tools, managing a Bulletin Board has never been easier! You'll like the clean organization of our easy to use admin area with clear language and a simple layout.

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Upload Files

Share files with other forum members (music, pictures, documents, etc); Upload attachments directly into topic posts.

Mobile App

Android or iPhone; Now members can stay connected when they're on-the-go

YouTube Embedding

Now members can share their favorite YouTube clips and embed them directly into discussion posts.


Create a unique and wondrous place with the best customization tools.


Campus Safety

Unifyed Campus Safety Applet lets users alert the campus police and designated guardians with their exact location in case of emergencies by tapping the app icon once. The applet has been developed to promote rapid call-for-action and replace the traditional BlueLight phones.

Multiple Modes to Alert

Alert campus police via App Notification, SMS and Email in case of emergency through the applet

Add Emergency Contacts

Add emergency contacts such as guardians, in addition to campus police, to alert them in case of emergencies

campus safety screens
Upload Files

Share files with other forum members (music, pictures, documents, etc); Upload attachments directly into topic posts.

Emergency Services

Contact details and addresses of nearby hospitals and police departments available in the campus safety applet.


Student Attendance

Unifyed’s Time and Attendance marking system enables higher education institutions streamline and automate student and faculty attendance. The attendance management system helps save time and money by eliminating manual processes — Enabling teachers to accurately and quickly track student’s time in the classroom


By establishing a perimeter, a fence is created around the attendance functionality through which teachers can mark attendance for students in the range.

Eliminate Paperwork

Eliminate paperwork and save time and money with mobile and cloud-based attendance management system.

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Duplicate Data Entries

Eliminate duplicate data entry and errors in time and attendance entries.

Student management

Improve visibility to track and manage student attendance & absenteeism across multiple campuses.


Increased security and confidentiality with role-based permissions to users.


Financial Aid

Unifyed has digitized the Financial Aid process to automate the application, the verification and the awarding of financial aid. The Unifyed Financial Aid module eliminates the arduous, manual processes for students as well as institutions – delivering faster results and driving student engagement.

Application Status

Allows the students to check the current status of their Financial Aid application

Application Checklist

A Step by Step process for form completion, to check if all the required information has been provided

Award Status

Shows the status of Federal Aid awards (if it has been awarded to the student or not) enabling students to check the status in real-time

financial aid icon
Award Amount

Allows the students to check the amount of Federal Aid awarded to them

Financial Aid Overview

Provides students with an overview of their financial aid till date.

Intuitive UI

Students can check the eligibility criteria of the Federal Aid to see if they qualify for that federal aid.


Give to- Alumni

Our ‘Give To’ Alumni Applet enables institutions to streamline the alumni engagement activities. This applet facilitates institutions to create an alumni network and promote meaningful engagement to leverage alumni relationships.

Alumni Directory

Institutions can maintain a database of names, addresses, contact details and more

Alumni Fundraising

Crowdfunding to show support for Alma mater


Learn, socialize and volunteer at an alumni event near you

Give to Screens
Business Alumni

Connect with Alumnus and build a network

Real-time chat

Chat with your fellow alumni effortlessly.

Jobs Corner

Post, edit and share jobs, career opportunities and more


Unifyed Registration

Unifyed registration eases and simplifies the process of class registration for students. Users can select the classes and make the required payments on-the-go through the applet. The mobile-first design allows the students to register from any device – mobile, desktop or tablet.

Improved Student Engagement

Engage students by providing a hassle-free experience to the registration process

End-to-End Registration Solution

An end-to-end solution, that automates the registration process, from selecting the classes to providing the status of your application

Student Empowerment

Device-friendly, self-service access to class registration process eliminates dependencies and the need for students to physically visit the department

registration icon
Cloud-Based Solution

Best-in-class student registration system hosted on the cloud for higher uptime and student convenience

Add/Drop Class

Allows the students to add/drop classes for a particular term, avoiding the typical offline application process with multiple layers of hierarchy

Registration Status

Once the students have completed the process of selecting/dropping classes, this feature helps them track the progress of their application


Unifyed Academics

Unifyed provides out-of-the-box integration with the most popular learning management systems, providing a seamless experience to students to access their coursework, time tables, grades and other critical information on-the-go.


Our intuitive User Interface allows students to access their midterm and final grades with just a single click

Class Schedule

Faculties can view class schedules, registered students for corresponding courses and send notifications through the inbuilt email feature.


Students can view their academic transcripts effortlessly.

academics screens
Cloud-Based Solution

Best-in-class student registration system hosted on the cloud for higher uptime and student convenience


Provides a simple and efficient way for students to view and mark attendance which can be verified by geofencing and/or the faculty.

GPA Calculator

The applet calculates student GPA for a semester, as well as for the academic year.


Unifyed Books

Students are actively looking out for books to buy, sell or rent. Unifyed books is a one-stop-shop that brings together the most popular e-commerce platforms to help students find the right book at the right price.

Multiple Sources, Single Platform

Books from multiple sources brought to one platform for a wider range of options, eliminating the hassle to switch between apps

Buy, Rent and Sell

Students can buy, rent, or sell books through an intuitive UI

Easy Access to Books

Provide students with an extensive library to eliminate dependencies on resource availability and physical commute to bookstores

books screen
Improved Academic Outcomes

With greater resources come greater results – enable your students to score better with access to extensive course content

Reduced Costs

Exclusive online discounts and renting books can help students lessen the expenses

Price Comparison

Price and condition of the book can be checked and compared before the transaction


Unifyed LMS Module

Unifyed has developed web and mobile applets that interoperate with every leading Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver the right information and services to the right people – anytime, anywhere. These applets send automated push notifications whenever new events take place inside the LMS, such as grades posted, announcements, messages and more.

Interoperability with LMS

Seamless integration with your existing LMS to deliver real time information

Push Notifications

Applets push real-time updates to the users’ device notifying them with the latest information available, such as grades, quizzes, courses, etc.

Quizzes and Assignments

Enables the students to access quizzes and assignments posted in the LMS through the Unifyed platform

lms screen
Improved Community Engagement

Allows students to communicate with each other and with student communities on campus through the Messages applet

Participate in Forums and Discussions

Students can start new forums or participate in existing ones based on subjects of their interest

Mobile and Web Accessibility

Responsive to web, mobile-web and applet interfaces for improved accessibility and seamless student experience

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