Unifyed Applet Store

Unifyed Applet Store

In today’s fast-paced world, students—as well as many staff and faculty members— expect information and services to be instantly available on any device. But many institutions still offer a patchwork of apps and websites for various campus departments and services, all with varying logins, interfaces, and user rules. Resulting in obstinate user experience

What is Unifyed Applet Store?

Get access to themes, applets and templates, custom-built for higher education institutions for web and mobile campus. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, browse through hundreds of apps to find the one that fits your user requirement. We use REST APIs that integrate your chosen app in just a few clicks



Repository of pre-built themes, applets & templates to help you quickly customize your web & mobile campus

Category Tagging

The Applets are tagged by category to enable easy browsing and selection as per your requirements.

One-click Integration

Take advantage of applets built by the best institutions and integrate them to your web & mobile campus in just a click


Forget developing apps from scratch, use pre-built templates and customize them to your requirements. You can also use the REST APIs to integrate pre-built applets

Applet to Portlet API

Unifyed’s Applet-to-Portlet API allows you to publish Applets developed in Unifyed Studio into the Unifyed Web Digital Campus platform.

The only way to believe what Unifyed Applet Store can do is to see it in action.

Who is using Unifyed CMS?

Over 30,000 universities around the globe use Unifyed Mobile to transform their campuses online

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